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Case Studies

Case Studies

water-test.jpgFood Processing Industry

EnviroAqua helped a California bakery save $70,000 and solve a waste-water treatment nightmare after a city government issued them an ultimatum: treat the waste water or shut the plant down.

We immediately detected that dissolved oils from the baking lines, coupled with labor-intensive, ineffective water treatment methods, had caused a high level of water contamination. Ultimately, poor program control resulted in non-compliance, excess amounts of sludge and high costs.

We designed a less labor-intensive trial to treat the wastewater while reducing disposal fees. Our simple two-product program immediately saved the plant $30,000 a year. Sludge volume was reduced 50 percent, saving $25,000 in annual costs, and the bakery saved an additional $14,000 by reducing caustic consumption and eliminating the handling of drums and bins.


A major aerospace production plant in California approached EnviroAqua to reduce costs and save millions of gallons of water used in their cooling process. By installing superior water-cooling technology, the plant began saving nine million gallons of water every year while saving $250,000 annually.

This specially designed water treatment program used a reverse-osmosis technique that elevated the cooling tower cycles of concentration to levels previously thought to be impossible. Corrosion rates within the circulating water were lowered from 9 MPY to 0.5 MPY. This reduction stabilized the pacification of the metallurgy used in the plant process, extending the life of plant equipment and negating the need for replacements.


enviroaqua-outside-2.jpgEnviroAqua partnered with a California pharmaceutical plant after management urgently requested an all-encompassing water treatment solution designed to cut costs. Our experts provided them with a complete package that included a water treatment system, services and recommendations that resulted in annual savings of $722,000.

By completely re-configuring the water treatment process within the plant’s cooling towers and boilers, EnviroAqua’s experts were able to meet strict federal guidelines while cutting costs and simplifying plant operations.

Our successful solution included maximizing tower water cycles of concentration to 5.5-6.0 with the aid of sulfuric acid; cleaning fouled chiller condenser tubes; automating the chemical feed and control, implementing SPC software for system monitoring and designing a specific boiler treatment program.



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