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System Treatments

System Treatments


Systems Treated

Cooling towers are used to transfer heat using water as the heat transfer media. A small portion of the circulating water is evaporated to the atmosphere, removing heat from the remaining water volume.

Cooling tower applications include “comfort cooling” and “process cooling.” Comfort cooling is the air conditioning in large buildings, nursing homes, hospitals, universities, and schools. Process cooling is used in manufacturing to cool equipment such as compressors and plastic molding machinery.

In a cooling tower system, water cascades over the tower, providing a large surface area that allows a large volume of air to pass through the water, aided by the cooling tower fan. A portion of the cascading water evaporates, ejecting heat from the water to the atmosphere. The remaining circulating water is cooled from the heat removed by the evaporation. Since water is continually lost by evaporation, cooling tower systems require large amounts of make-up water to stay in balance.

The problems to address when treating cooling towers are: Scale, Corrosion, Fouling and Microbiological Contaminants.


Boiler Treatment

Boilers heat water to produce steam. Steam is commonly used in power production, humidification, sterilization, and for heating.

The problems to address when treating boilers are: Corrosion and Scale.



Closed Loop Water Systems

Closed loop systems are designed to transfer heat through circulating water, for air conditioning, heating, or process applications.

In many HVAC applications, the closed loop water is circulated through an air handler coil, which either cools or heats the incoming air. In some cases, the air handler is designed to first expose the incoming air to a chilled loop, which lowers the humidity of the incoming air, and then exposes the cooled/dry air to a hot loop to moderate the temperature of the air before it is introduced into the building. In other HVAC applications, the closed loop water acts as the condenser for remote water-source heat pump installations. By design, closed loop systems should not lose water and therefore make-up to properly operating systems is minimal.

The problems to address when treating closed loop systems are: corrosion and fouling.





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