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Treatment Solutions

Treatment Solutions

enviroaqua-test-2.jpgEvery water treatment scenario is different and demands a tailor-made solution based on a customer’s unique needs. By partnering with EnviroAqua, our experts will guide you on the right choice for your business. We can customize a water treatment solution for your organization in a variety of ways. For example, we can utilize drumless chemical deliveries to eliminate the hazards of dealing with chemicals. 

EnviroAqua can also implement non-chemical “green” water treatment solutions and advise your organization on how these treatments can be applied to your process.


Other treatment solutions can include implementing automatic data acquisition and trending (ADAT) software to control your water treatment program. No matter the scenario, our experts can work with you to customize the right answer.

Some of our water treatment solutions include:

    * Boiler water scale and corrosion inhibitor 

    * Cooling water scale and corrosion inhibitor 

    * Coagulants and flocculants for industrial wastewater clarification

    * Biocides and algaecides for cooling water and chill water applications

    * Antifoam

    * Reverse osmosis membrane anti-foulant

    * Metal removal

    * Industrial cleaners

    * Odor control



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